In Memory of Kate

When I opened Soul Art School, in May of 2022, I knew I wanted to do something to honor my daughter, Kate’s, memory. Kate always wanted to have a soap and candle making business with me in my “studio.” We used to talk about all the times we made “concoctions” with my late mom, Macel, and dream of the day when we would share a space together. Shortly after Kate passed, our family discussed how to best remember her, and how we would leave a positive legacy for her name. Out of that love, our family decided to create Kate’s Legacy. Kate’s Legacy, will sell candles, soaps, and bath salt creations. As well as, host parties and events inside of Soul Art School, beginning in November of 2022. The formal launch of Kate’s Legacy will be during Soul Art School’s first women’s art retreat at my home off 30A in Florida, from November 6 through 12, 2022. Where a variety of Kate’s Legacy products will be on display and available for purchase.

Beginning August 4, 2022, I am collaborating with Elizabeth Baumer, a licensed counselor, to provide art therapy to women who have lost a child. Baumer has named the group “Anabelle’s Hope”, after her daughter whom she lost several years ago. We will meet weekly, in small groups, to address the needs of those within our community through art and counseling.